3 Sure Signs Your Website Needs Upgrading

photo of laptop and coffee, 3 reasons you must update your website blog on Digital Pizza CT

By: Chris Loynd, Digital Pizza CT Deliveryman

When was the last time you redesigned your website? (If you do not have a website for your business, skip to the end for a special message.)

Here are three hints you may be overdue for an upgrade.

1) Mobile Phone Friendly.

Now more than ever, your customers and prospects are searching on a mobile phone; research says more than 50 percent (Hitwise). How much depends on your type of business. Of course, prospective customers are more likely to use their phones to find restaurants on Yelp than to source CNC machined parts. But why take the chance? New software makes your website look great on a little screen and on a big one. (By the way if you are an industrial supplier, Thomas Register’s website is mobile enabled.)

Google penalizes non-mobile websites in search results. It also favors speed; faster loading websites rank higher.

2) Multiple Columns.

We can all lament shrinking attention spans, or turn them to competitive advantage. What is the first thing anyone sees on your homepage? Is your offer immediately obvious? Your website should be a smooth stream of benefits leading to a call to action.

Think deeply about who is visiting your website and why. Make it easy for visitors to get information they want; then lead them to value.

3) Welcome to Our Website.

“Welcome to our website,” is so last century. Get right to it. Rope ‘em in. Tell them a tale. How can you solve their problem? What makes your business special? What benefits do you offer your competitors cannot? Make sure to address your website visitors from their point of view, not yours.

The approach and answers are unique for every business. Digital Pizza can help you sort it out. This is a magic moment in the buyer’s journey. Make sure you own it.

FREE Offer

Digital Pizza offers a free review of your website. In fact, we will expand your digital checkup to include search and social media. There is no obligation, however not all businesses will qualify.


For the first 20 businesses to contact us, Digital Pizza will include a digital evaluation of two of your competitors.

No Website?

If you do not have a website, call Digital Pizza right away: 203-209-4632. These days a website is more important than your business card. People lose, toss or forget business cards. Instead they use ever-present internet search to find your business location, phone number, hours, products, services, etc.

Digital Pizza can create your website, from simple to complex, at very fair prices. We offer more than design. We apply our sales and marketing expertise to make sure the content of your website drives revenue and helps grow your business.