Stories Matter Still

Stories Matter Still

By: Chris Loynd

The good news is that customers and prospective customers still love a good story, especially if it’s told via video. Make sure you tell a good story because it is the story your customers eventually buy. The story keeps them coming back for more. People buy based on emotion, then justify it with logic.

Our story is that we are good storytellers for business. Digital Pizza bends creativity to commerce. Every business has a unique story that deserves and needs telling. A tale well told attracts more customers, closes more sales and increases profits. Like you, we expect results.

And if you have a little money to spend, Facebook advertising is still dirt cheap compared to traditional media outlets like TV, radio, print and outdoor. It is also very, very efficient because you can target just the right audience that will resonate with your company’s story.

Digital Pizza’s Sales+Marketing strategy puts our expertise and your bottom line results into every decision. Our partners have experience with hundreds of businesses across multiple industries. We integrate our sales mentality with all our services, from social media marketing and advertising to a simple logo design. Social media is the new word-of-mouth advertising. We can help make sense of your options and opportunities.

Digital Pizza is a collection of small business sales and marketing experts who can help your company take advantage of the tremendous opportunities now available through the internet, social media and traditional media – at an affordable price. We understand the opportunities are huge and the options daunting. We chose the pizza metaphor because you can order a tasty pie plain or with any number of toppings. We’ll find the right recipe for your business.

“The best brands are built on great stories.” Ian Rowden, chief marketing officer, Virgin Group.

The Author

Chris LoyndYour business has a unique story that resonates with customers and prospective customers. Chris Loynd leverages your company’s unique story, positioning your business to drive revenue, stand out from the competition and be more memorable. His favorite occupation is bending creativity to commerce.